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Embracing the Change in Work

Course Overview

As soon as the word “change” is mentioned, most people go into fight or flight mode! Change is necessary for growth. It is proven we are living in unpredictable times characterised by the acronym VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

Our Embracing the Change in Work seeks to help delegates understand that change is a natural state and that the pace of change is ever increasing, but we do have the power to manage change even in VUCA times.

Embracing change is as much about changing mindset as it is about understanding the mechanics and the critical levers of the change process which includes the power of communication before, during and after. Using empathy and managing team dynamics also helps to control shifts and crisis.

The interactive webinar enables delegates to understand the signs and symptoms of people negatively reacting to change, how to confidently talk to a colleague about it and how to signpost them to the appropriate professional help. This is achieved through the use of presentations, discussions and exercises.

This webinar will guide delegates through the change cycle and to better understand how to handle and respond to change. By the end of the webinar, participants will have increased their awareness of how they react to change and how they can adapt their personal approach to it.

Typical learning outcomes

  • What is change and knowing the different forms it can take
  • Understanding the change journey
  • Knowing why people resist change and the barriers to changing
  • How to become resilient to change
  • How to implement change positively
  • How to respond to change, rather than react to it
  • Creating a culture that accepts and embraces change
  • Supporting a sustainable and proactive change process in the workplace
  • Adapting styles in response to change
  • Responding positively to stress and pressure during change
  • Embedding new behaviours to support collaborative change

Course format options

  • Virtual

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