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Holding Difficult Conversations

Course Overview

The need to have challenging and difficult conversations is inevitable within business, especially in ever changing times and work locations. Leaders and managers who neglect to have these conversations, often risk having more serious business consequences.

Our Holding Difficult Conversations course will provide you with the skills to hold difficult conversations remotely. This could be face-to-face via video conferencing, over the telephone, email or even via instant messaging. It provides the tools to liaise appropriately within each platform so that you can remain calm, professional and are able to make logical decisions as a result.

Being able to deal with difficult conversations effectively is critical within business and is invaluable in maintaining positive relationships to achieve the desired results. This interactive and highly participative digital course, will allow you to practice having various difficult conversations with an expert trainer online so that you are fully prepared to deal with them across a range of situations.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Learn strategies for handling difficult conversations in a remote setting
  • Adopt techniques to promote positivity within the conversation
  • Know professional ways to communicate on various different digital platforms
  • Learn how to read visual cues on video calls
  • Know how to structure the opening of a difficult conversation more effectively
  • Understand what makes a conversation difficult and be able to prepare effectively for them

Course format options

  • Virtual

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