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Managing Performance Through Transition

Course Overview

This webinar focuses on performance management as a continuous process that drives development. It looks at the techniques that are needed to recognise and implement solutions in order to support long-term results through difficult times.

You will learn how to manage awkward issues and conversations without postponing or ‘sugar-coating’ them. The webinar will also help you to develop the tools required to create a culture of compassion, trust, and high impact performance.

We will look at the reasons why some difficult messages do not get said on a day-to-day basis, or in some cases ever. We will also look at why some people avoid dealing with issues as they occur, leaving them to build up until the formal appraisal time.

The aim of this webinar is to build the confidence in managers to have challenging conversations regarding fear, anxiety and poor performance with team members and how to deal with wellbeing concerns, presenteeism, stress and isolation.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Expectation management - proactively discussing how their time away from work has affected the process/KPI’s/expectations
  • Instigating an interim performance appraisal to help benchmark performance after business interruption
  • Creating a development culture that builds trust and commitment
  • Confidently managing outcome-based conversations and promoting feedback
  • Scoping employee goals that drive motivation
  • Aligning employee goals with organisational and personal objectives
  • Implementing solutions and rewarding development
  • Setting boundaries and handling conflict with challenging and supportive conversations
  • Empowering teams with accountability and ownership of new KPI’s/targets

Course format options

  • Virtual

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