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Remote Organisational Communication

Course Overview

With many people opting for more flexible ways of working, it has become vital to maximise organisational communication via remote methods.

Our Remote Organisational Communication course is aimed at helping anyone who is involved in communicating important information using remote channels. The focus is not so much on personal communication skills but more on planning, selecting the best channels, and using best practices that will benefit the key objectives and the type of information.

The session is highly interactive combining tutor facilitation with trainee input, sharing of ideas and opportunities for real life planning and application. The training can be tailored for any type of organisation whether it be private or public sector, product or service related.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Understand how remote organisational communication should work effectively
  • Understand the main tools and channels for remote communication and the benefits of each
  • Understand the roles that different departments should play for effective remote communication
  • Develop a strategy for your own part in the remote communication process
  • Select the best and most appropriate channel(s) for each type of remote communication
  • Strengthen the use of remote resources for maximum effect and impact
  • Assess the response and results of remote communications

Course format options

  • Virtual

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