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The Manager’s Guide to Transitioning Others Back to Work

Course Overview

This course is designed for managers who are helping employees transition back to work; whether they have been working from home for an extended period or after being furloughed. It covers specific areas that should be considered before returning to work and what you can expect on the first few days and weeks back at work in the “New Now”.

Thoughtful planning, organisation, preparation and manageable expectations will help ease employees back to work.

This webinar examines return-to-work catch-ups, team communication and handling concerns/anxiety. It also delves into what is expected from managers during this time, and a few practical suggestions for handling pressure, finding focus, staying productive and adjusting to changes within the working environment.

It does not matter how long an employee has been away from the workplace - going back is not always easy. For many people, it is a positive and exciting time - a step towards regaining a sense of normality, but for others it can be daunting. There is no right or wrong way to feel and it’s natural to have some concerns, but it’s how the return is handled that can make all the difference - both to the employee and to your organisation.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Managing expectations proactively
  • How the employees’ thoughts, feelings and actions have been affected
  • Workplace safety risk assessments
  • Building confidence in those who are returning to work
  • How to transition back to work smoothly
  • Creating a development culture, building trust and commitment
  • Managing supportive and challenging conversations regarding wellbeing, mental health and anxiety
  • Having conflict conversations about new flexible/remote working patterns
  • Managing the return from social isolation
  • Assessing performance and conducting appraisals upon return
  • Revisiting personal goals, KPI’s, and SMART objectives
  • Implementing solutions and rewarding development
  • Setting boundaries and handling conflict with challenging, supportive conversations
  • Empowering people with accountability and ownership of new KPI’s/targets

Course format options

  • Virtual

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