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Finding The Time To Lead

Course Overview

One of the biggest challenges facing a Leader or a Manager today is that often, being a Manager or a Leader, in reality, is a secondary role. The main focus of their time is doing their day job – be that doing deals or completing tasks. Many are not obviously rewarded for being a Manager and there is tons of work to do and many clients to service. The leadership “stuff” often slips to the side. That naturally, impacts overall performance and also can impact negatively on employee engagement.

From our experience, many participants attending leadership courses are heard to comment: “This is great- really valuable, but when am I ever going to find the time to do this?” Their frustration is palpable, as are their stress levels.

This is all understandable given the time pressures every Manager is under. But… if nothing changes nothing will change, and businesses need their Managers to lead and not simply carry on with the day job.

This course is for anyone in management and will help shift the mind set to value the tangible difference to the bottom line that finding the time to lead makes.

In our opinion, it is a critical mind set shift, combined with some key actions, and this workshop is highly facilitated to enable the managers to develop a new approach to the way they lead their teams and value the benefits in so doing.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Consider the real impact of NOT finding the time to lead
  • Value the importance of finding the time to lead
  • Explore the tangible benefits in driving up productivity through quality leadership
  • Refresh understanding of some useful time management tools
  • Develop a plan of action to change the way you manage your time in a way your Business needs.
  • Learn some new tools around managing your time more effectively
  • Develop your plan of action for change

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Bite Sized Course
  • Public Course

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