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Getting From Good To Great – Masterclasses For Your Senior Leaders

Course Overview

At GBS we recognise the enormous pressures that senior Managers and Leaders are under, and finding time for personal development and continued growth is a major challenge for many.

We also recognise that continuing professional development is essential if senior Leaders are to stay fresh, agile, ahead of the game and achieve a march on their competitors.

Ensuring that their learning is relevant and appropriate, as well as achievable given time constraints, we are pleased to include in our portfolio an option for growth for your senior team that is based on Masterclasses, facilitated by external global thought leaders who are able to provide an insight into current and future thinking, trends and strategies in the business world.

Typical learning outcomes

The format (which may vary subject to topic and speaker)

The Master Classes will typically be 2 hours long. There will be thirty minutes of input from the invited external guest speaker, followed by 30 minutes of Q and A. This will then be followed by 1 hour of facilitated table discussions, where the topic is debated and explored by the attendees, and questions they would be invited to explore might include:
Through our relationship with Maria Franzoni and the London Speaker Bureau we can work with you to identify the most appropriate speaker(s) as well as agree the most appropriate format and timing and frequency of the sessions.

  • What can we practically do with what we have heard today?
  • What does success look like for us?
  • How can we leverage the messages heard here today to support our desire to go from good to great?

Course format options

  • Bite Sized Course

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