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Bespoke Solutions

We design tailor-made training solutions to suit your company. To find out more please click here.

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What we do

GBS offers your company, whether it be large or small, local or international, the management training and learning solutions to develop the skill levels, performance and productivity of your people.

We deliver an extensive range of public courses, covering management and leadership development and personal skills at five locations across the country.

However, where we can best add traction to your learning is though our bespoke, in-house courses. We understand that the process of learning begins long before any delegate is booked on to a course. This is why we devote time to understanding your training and development needs, discussing your desired outcomes for the most effective solution and flexible means of delivery.

Our highly participative and impactive leadership and management courses and personal development programmes are run conventionally, bite-sized or virtually, supported by our digital hub ‘BlendAbility™’ which accesses online and mobile, on-the-move learning.

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Who we’ve worked with

From discovery all the way through to flexible training programmes, coaching and managed training services, we offer tailored solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

Please click here to see what our clients say about us. If you would like to talk to an account manager about your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Situational Leadership®

Situational Leadership® is used by 14 million people worldwide and by 70% of Fortune 500 companies as a key element of their leadership training. It is a straightforward and easy to understand model that can be enormously powerful in its application. When correctly applied in an organisational setting, the process literally has the potential to transform your business.

A situational leader does not adhere to a particular theory or trait; instead, they identify the needs of the individual performing a task and adapt their leadership style and behaviour to maximise that individual's performance.

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Sustainable Learning

Up to 80% of content learned is forgotten. This means exercises and activities aimed at reviewing and revisiting learnt content are invariably beneficial to improving retention.  To enhance this recall, GBS incorporates these aide-memoirs into its training ranging from the more traditional action learning sets and work-based projects to the technical online blend, mobile and social learning. 

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  • "I have gained a wider understanding of how training basics can be applied in everyday world.  I enjoyed listening to everyone’s presentations as you pick up different techniques."

    Training Skills for Trainers (Saudi Arabian Airlines)

  • "I have assimilated a more clearer picture on what and more importantly what not to do.  Good reflective learning process for me an excellent addition to my management toolbox."

    Negotiation Skills (International Nuclear Services)

  • "This course has been the best thing that has happened to me. The whole content of this training was amazing, clear straight to the point. This training helped me to understand different personalities and how to deal with all the challenges that might be presented to me."

    Effective Communications (Schlumberger Houston)

  • "Better understanding of the requirements of being a good manager – particularly understanding how and why people behave in particular ways and how to use this to the benefit of the team or organisation."

    Introduction to Management (Australian High Commission - London)

  • "Really brilliant course.  Both interesting and practical.  Easily understandable for complex information.  Lots of clear take-aways and actions."

    Situational Leadership – Feb 2014 (Hodder and Stoughton)

  • "The trainer set a great pace and made this a memorable course which I thoroughly enjoyed."

    Constructive conversations – Feb 2014 (National Grid)

  • "I gained confidence in communicating and dealing with conflicts, difficult areas and more senior managers.  The role plays enabled us to put theory into practice."

    Interpersonal Communication (National Grid)