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Formed in 1966, GBS Corporate Training has evolved through strategic acquisitions to be one of the UK’s leading training organisations, with a broad portfolio of learning interventions ranging from a comprehensive catalogue of public courses at five UK locations to bespoke leadership training courses, management training courses and our extensive Train the Trainer courses.

Recently GBS has added Situational Leadership® to its portfolio with exclusive rights to sell, deliver and sub-license the world-renowned leadership model and methodology.

Our passion for developing exciting and effective learning has led us to integrate years of solid experience with innovative approaches and technical creativity to produce ‘real-world-focused’ learning for all levels of management and staff – a platform for challenging the status quo.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Our clients don’t just choose us for our management and leadership training courses, but for what really makes us different – and that is our highly experienced team and our innovative solutions.

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22nd April 2014
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22nd - 23rd April 2014
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23rd April 2014
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24th - 25th April 2014
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Is Your Glass Half Full? -

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A GBS course, public or in-house, is always a unique mix of experience, enjoyment and innovation.

Taking a very practical and down-to-earth approach to our training delivery has engendered a strong loyalty amongst clients where the delegates have been inspired by the experience and can readily understand how they can relate their learning back into their organisations.

We offer a comprehensive list of learning and development solutions ranging from leadership and management training courses, including team leadership and supervisory skills, personal effectiveness and communication courses such as assertiveness skills training, influencing skills training and presentation skills courses, to time management training and also our renowned train-the-trainer courses.

Our core business is the design and delivery of bespoke in-house workshops and training programmes for clients in all areas of the public and private sectors. Realising that no two organisations’ requirements are the same, our consultants and trainers will give you end-to-end support from design through delivery, to evaluation and review. We also support a number of our clients with an outsourced managed training service, taking away as much of their training administration as required.

To add weight to our training, we are accredited by both the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to design, deliver, assess, accredit and award a range of nationally recognised qualifications.

cmi ilm kite
Accredited Training

Choosing to complete an accredited management programme means that you are making a statement about your standards and determination to continue to develop your management skills. If you’re an employer that means your organisation will be able to benchmark your managers’ skills and capitalise on their commitment.

Acknowledging these facts we are accredited by both the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to design, deliver, assess, accredit and award their full range of nationally recognised management qualifications. However GBS Corporate Training also provides organisations with the opportunity to endorse their existing management programmes with the relevant accredited status.

Chartered Management Institute

Level 3 Qualifications
Award in First Line Management
Certificate in First Line Management
Diploma in First Line Management

Level 5 Qualifications
Award in Management and Leadership
Certificate in Management and Leadership
Diploma in Management and Leadership

Level 7 Qualifications
Award in Strategic Management and Leadership
Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership
Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
Institute of Leadership & Management

Level 3 Qualifications
Award in First Line Management
Certificate in First Line Management
Diploma in First Line Management

Level 5 Qualifications
Award in Management
Certificate in Management
Diploma in Management

the team

Professional, talented and on your side

We are a friendly team with a lot of common sense – a team that adapts to your company and the needs of your projects to make things happen…

We are absolutely passionate about delivering our promises honestly and on time, helping our clients to achieve a positive business impact from the learning. Our trainers are selected for their expertise, delivery style, personality and ability to be practical – resulting in focusing the training clearly on the learner's own work environment.

David Price // Managing Director - Sales

David’s wide and varied experience across a number of industries has equipped him with the knowledge to relate to most organisational training challenges. His BSc in Physiology and Pharmacology plus an MBA led to an early career in medical sales and sales management, moving into the training arena as a consultant.

He adopts a consultative approach to helping resolve issues and focuses on providing practical and economic solutions to corporate problems. David joined the company in 1994 and worked for a number of years as an Account Manager responsible for a number of large, corporate clients in the power, nuclear and utility sectors, becoming Sales Director in 2000, and playing an active role in securing new business.

In 2011 he became the joint Managing Director of the company, and retains working relationships with some key clients in the UK such as Bosch, National Grid, Sellafield, Low Level Waste Repository and a number of overseas clients. David is an avid collector of rare Soul music.

David Wilkins // Managing Director - Operations

Armed with a degree in Electrical Engineering David joined IBM and there adopted a rather unorthodox career path through engineering into sales and then management. Not content with the status quo David exploited his background to set up and run the EMEA arm of a US IT service company.

However a waning enjoyment of transatlantic flight and a chance meeting in an airport lounge propelled his career into training. A successful start-up later David was invited to join Corporate Training in the mid nineties, and over the intervening period has seen the company grow both organically and by acquisition – most notable additions to its portfolio being GBS (Guardian Business Services), Ken and Kate Back and Situational Leadership®.

David is now the joint Managing Director of the company, and retains a hands-on approach, handling a select number of key clients such as The House of Commons, and championing the promotion and integration of technology and informal learning into our training portfolio. 

In his spare time he’s a horologist – so he thinks he knows how things tick!

Angela Perryman // Office Manager

After 14 years at Barclays Bank in office management, customer services and senior supervisory roles – where she was also responsible for systems testing a number of special projects including the ‘Millennium Bug’ – Angela joined Corporate Training in 1999.

First working in administration support, Angela has worked in a number of roles and has held the position of Office Manager for the last five years. She and her team are responsible for the smooth running of all back-office functions: handout production, training administration, invoicing and credit control. Angela guards the keys to the magic cupboards at GBS – they hold everything you need, or didn’t know you wanted!

Beverley Hartley // Account Manager

After a number of sales jobs within the construction industry, Beverley joined Corporate Training in 1995 as a Training Advisor responsible for contacting clients, establishing their training requirements and offering solutions from our extensive range of in-house and public courses.

She was appointed a Key Account Manager in 2004 responsible for the service provision for the company’s larger, strategic clients.

Beverley has many years’ experience in this role and her responsibilities include developing and managing day-to-day relationships, ensuring plans and resources are in place, and reviewed against business objectives, and providing management information and performance reports in accordance with client requirements. However, contrary to all evidence – Bev is not perfect; she can’t eat anything sweet before 10 am – that’s just weird…

Stephanie Keskin // Account Manager

Stephanie has been with GBS Corporate Training since 1991 and is our employee with the longest tenure...

In this time she has had a number of roles and has been promoted several times - including periods managing the internal sales area - becoming an Account Manager in 2002. During Stephanie’s career at GBS, she has managed a portfolio of 2,000 clients and prospects.

Her key clients include Tube Lines, Transport for London, Warner Brothers and Taylor Wimpey. Stephanie appeared to be overcome when she got a carriage clock from GBS for long service last year!

Sadie Fox // Training Advisor

Sadie is a naturally bubbly and outgoing person, joining GBS in October 2012 as a Training Advisor, she is responsible for generating new leads for the Account Managers.

Having 4 children, and 2 grandchildren a lot of her time is spent with her family. She is also a music lover and enjoys watching live bands (rock chick!)

Katrina Mitchell // Marketing Executive

Katrina joined us in September 2012 as our Marketing Executive; coming from a large international organisation she will be bringing a fresh perspective to GBS.

Within her first week of being at GBS Katrina wore her rainbow coloured onesie (baby grow) into the office......she fits right in! 

Sharon Seymour // Training Resources Manager

Sharon joined GBS in September 2000 and has become an invaluable member of the Administration Team.

Her specific responsibilities include quality control of all training resources, printing handouts and ensuring that all requirements for any course are collated and shipped, in order that our trainers are fully supported when they arrive at the training venue.

Because Sharon keeps calm under pressure and knows the business so well, she is also the holiday cover for the Administration Team. Not a lot of people realise that youthful Sharon is not only a grandmother, but also a twin, and as she loves a good party she is our company social secretary – organising many a good Christmas ‘do’! 

David Bacon // Trainer

David's key area of expertise for us is with commercial and business training including business planning, corporate responsibility and governance, all aspects of financial training, contract and project management plus management development programmes. He has been with us for 20 years.

David is a family man with a love of horse power, both Formula 1 and real horses. His weekends are more often than not taken up with equestrian events, of some description, where he competes, builds courses and judges at show-jumping events. He is the stable manager at a range of riding club championships.

Colin Dunk // Trainer

Colin is an experienced trainer who specialises in the areas of management development and effective interaction/communication. Due to his varied background and job experiences he also conducts written communication, recruitment and selection and trainer training courses.

Having spent a number of years living and working in foreign parts, Colin likes nothing better than getting on a flight to somewhere exotic. Whether for pleasure, or for business, he seeks such opportunities...the more obscure the place the better. Somehow he always manages to find his way back. He enjoys trying to recreate the dishes of the destinations experienced. He is very proud of his Goan-style, seafood curries!

Steve Ellis // Trainer

Steve’s skills as a trainer are in making people feel comfortable and involved in his workshops. He says ‘training should be an enjoyable experience, so why not feel relaxed when you learn new skills’.

Outside work Steve takes part in triathlons (he wishes); in reality he loves nothing better than a day walking in the stunning hills and fells of this country, dreaming of the day when Leeds United get back into the Premier League. He is also very patient…

Chris Ellis // Trainer

Chris’s involvement in helping businesses grow and develop started when he was with Shell where as Head of Training and Development he was involved in helping to introduce changes at all levels, blending both the business and people needs to ensure success.

Chris has been involved with GBS Corporate Training for some 20 years and is a Programme Director for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

He loves travelling, preferably on a yacht and is working on visiting 100 countries - he is currently at 75. His main interest is racing sailing dinghies, where he even gets involved in the management of sailing.

Geoff Griffiths // Trainer

Geoff’s skills lie predominantly in his ability to bring leadership and team development theories to life! The robust ‘so what?’ question challenges teams and individuals to reflect on their current situations, to celebrate what they do they well and consider things they should or may change – followed by ‘how?’

He honed this technique so successfully at home three of his four children now live overseas... One of the longest-serving members of the team, his energy and passion for the work is only matched by his desire to get on his bike and participate in Sportive rides around UK.

John Jarrett
John Jarrett // Trainer
John Jarrett

John’s early management and training experience came from 17 years at IBM. He has been working as a management consultant and trainer since 1988 specialising in all areas of customer care, service management and personal development providing consultancy, training and coaching for a variety of organisations.

His pastimes and hobbies align very much with why he works as a trainer, meeting interesting people and travel. He is handy to have on a quiz team - his other interests include anything to do with Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney and the Apollo space race.

Steve MacAlister
Steve MacAlister // Trainer
Steve MacAlister

Steve is a commercially aware, creative and approachable training professional specialising in the areas of people and resource management, planning and organisation, team building, customer care and attainment of objectives. He has been involved with training and development since 1992, primarily in the telecoms industry, with Cable & Wireless and Nynex.

Steve is a font of knowledge regarding maps and especially Rights of Way in the UK – when you enjoy hiking, mountain biking AND own a 45-year-old Land Rover, it helps to know where you are and, more importantly, where you can go!

Chris O’Sullivan
Chris O’Sullivan // Trainer
Chris O’Sullivan

Chris O’Sullivan specialises in training events for trainers and facilitators.  She also enjoys working with groups who want to enhance their presentation skills, meetings skills and / or interpersonal skills.  Then when it all needs documenting she runs interactive sessions for business writers, report writers and minute takers.

Chris’s favourite holiday is spent on the ski slopes, although she will never win any prizes for style or speed – and she will never learn to keep up with her family. 

Hamish Paterson
Hamish Paterson // Trainer
Hamish Paterson

Hamish has over 20 years’ experience in learning and development across a wide range of organisations. He has a practical approach which focuses on helping managers to develop their skills and those of their people. Hamish believes in instilling confidence in learners to go outside their comfort zone and to challenge the status quo.

His particular area of interests lie in influencing, leadership and cross-cultural communication.

When he’s not training he can often be seen cavorting on the ballroom floor and competing in the bridge room.

John Parker
John Parker // Trainer
John Parker

John has been a member of the team for many years, and having nearly become a professional footballer in his early days still maintains his competitive edge when it comes to helping people develop in a sales and business environment. John never misses an opportunity to learn more about his specialist subjects and has a passion about then passing information on to others.

He is a family man at heart who still enjoys sport (mainly golf these days) and, originally an East London boy, supports his favourite team Spurs.

Andy Pickin
Andy Pickin // Trainer
Andy Pickin

Andy delivers practical and engaging training sessions that provoke thought and discussion within the group. With over 25 years of management and training experience across a diverse range of companies and market sectors, Andy is able to draw on real examples to reinforce key points throughout his training sessions.

Due to the interactive nature of his training, Andy quickly builds relationships with delegates, who respond positively to this. Andy works with GBS supporting clients in the UK and Europe covering Management Skills and many Personal Development areas. Andy is married with two step-daughters and two dogs. He is a Stoke City fan (but don’t hold that against him!); he also enjoys the occasional peace and quiet away from the women in his life by going fishing for a few hours.

Alan Pook
Alan Pook // Trainer
Alan Pook

Alan is a Chartered Accountant and has been a professional trainer since 1993, he is interested in all aspects of finance and planning. He has worked with clients for many years helping them improve their business performance.

Working in Europe, Africa and the Middle East has indulged his love of travel. Alan lives on the south coast and his passion for sailing has meant several entries into the ‘Round the Island’ race, usually arriving at the finishing line with the stragglers. Whenever time allows, Alan can be found rooting around antique fairs and car boot sales looking for that £1 bargain which will turn out to be a million pound bargain. He continues to live in hope!

Suzanne Potts
Suzanne Potts // Trainer
Suzanne Potts

Suzanne’s skills lie in coaching people to believe in their true potential and to give themselves permission to achieve it.  

Suzanne is an international Training Consultant with 25 years’ experience across almost every industry and continent. As an inspirational trainer her passion for freeing the spirit was heightened when she spent several years within ex Eastern Bloc countries after the Berlin Wall fell.

Furthermore, Suzanne says you should wear a sturdy pair of ear plugs if you’re standing near her when she supports her kids on the football field. 

Deb Robinson
Deb Robinson // Trainer
Deb Robinson

Deborah’s skills lie in her ability to 'walk the talk' reflecting her time as an operational manager prior to moving into learning and development. Having experienced the highs and lows of that ever fascinating skill of managing people she brings high energy, experience and enthusiasm to her facilitated events.

A member of the CIPD and a keen observer of human nature, Deborah combines her coaching and facilitation skills to help develop deep insight for delegates.

Away from the day job Deborah can be found sailing or watching Yorkshire and England cricket teams - hopefully not out for too much of a duck at either.

Stewart Varey
Stewart Varey // Trainer
Stewart Varey

Stewart has more than 10 years’ experience in training and consultancy, with a proven record of achievement.  Specialising in delivering management and staff development programmes, Stewart has worked with many client organisations across most areas of business both in the UK and overseas.

Stewart is Programme Director for our accredited Institute of Leadership and Management courses, as well as undertaking assessment and internal verification of work for accreditation with the Chartered Management Institute.  He is also responsible for maintaining the Ken & Kate Back ‘Assertiveness at Work’ programme.

Michael Westland-Rose
Michael Westland-Rose // Trainer
Michael Westland-Rose

Michael is a presentation professional delivering bespoke training and coaching for all types of presentation skills, conference speaking, media interviews, web-conference and leadership communication. 

With a thespian background (credits include the film 'Bugsy Malone' with Jodie Foster) Michael has, in his time, mixed in celebrity circles as well as tutoring top level senior execs. So you can be sure of an interesting time and some fascinating stories when working with Michael.

Alastair Wallace
Alastair Wallace // Trainer
Alastair Wallace

Alastair has over eighteen years’ experience in people management, consulting and learning in many FTSE100 blue chips and small businesses. A member of MENSA, he loves getting to grips with different organisational challenges. When he’s not working he likes nothing more than travelling, keeping fit, and is an avid pianist.

Sonya O’Sullivan
Sonya O’Sullivan // Trainer
Sonya O’Sullivan

Sonya’s key skill and passion is in bringing out the best in her delegates by developing personal impact and confidence in presentation skills, train the trainer, teambuilding, customer care, assertiveness and influencing.

Having cut her training teeth at 35,000 feet in the aviation industry, she has a rich fund of stories to illustrate the quirkiness of everyday communication with the general public and colleagues. However, Sonya’s sessions still remain grounded and full of common sense. When she has time to relax, Sonya enjoys a gas, a giggle and a glass of wine with friends and family.

Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh // Trainer
Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh is based in South Carolina and has successfully delivered over 2500 public and private training engagements throughout the U.S., Canada, Ireland and the U.K. With over 26 years experience as a training and management consultant, Bill has received numerous speaking, training quality and customer service awards. Bill specialises in all levels of supervisory and management development, leadership skills, change management, team building, coaching and counselling, recruitment and selection and redundancy preparation, project management, customer service, time and stress management.

He has appeared on radio and television and has been quoted in Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and other national and regional publications.

Steve Cherches
Steve Cherches // Trainer
Steve Cherches

Steve Cherches is a learning and development specialist, facilitator, speaker, and presentation coach working for GBS and is based in New York City.  Steve brings with him more than twenty years of business consulting experience from a wide variety of industries ranging from entertainment and publishing to fashion and finance (and everything in between).

Steve is also a champion of the ‘visual thinking and communication’ movement, and is the Co-Founder of the local VizThink NYC community. Outside the training room, you'll find Steve on the softball field, the volleyball court, and travelling off the beaten path where you may find him indulging his other passion, drumming.



Emily Page
Emily Page // Trainer
Emily Page

With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Emily has worked with hundreds of executives, leadership teams and organizations through her corporate career and over her ten years as a consultant.  Based in the US, her areas of expertise include organizational development, leadership development, strategic planning and effective communication.

She is a great believer in combining practical experience with intuitive guidance to help her clients create their own solutions. An avid baker, Emily also teaches line dancing in her down time, and enjoys going to the movies and the theatre.



Ken Marshall
Ken Marshall // Trainer
Ken Marshall

Ken’s specialism is in influencing the people he trains to use their new skills where it really matters – back in the workplace.

His passion means that even after 25 years in the field of performance behaviours and communication strategies; he still delivers his training workshops with high energy and enthusiasm. He has a reputation for provoking new ways of thinking in an entertaining style.

Ken has been an integral part of the GBS Corporate team since 1995, and has been involved with creating and delivering many major client development programmes. His passion for following Manchester United since the age of 8 is tolerated by his colleagues.

Jeannette Marshall
Jeannette Marshall // Trainer
Jeannette Marshall

Jeannette excels at designing and delivering training and coaching programmes that bring about measureable changes in individuals, teams and organisations.

She uses an integrated intuitive coaching approach, utilising a wide variety of tools and techniques with her clients to ensure increased confidence and effective transfer of skills and knowledge. Jeannette’s delivery style is highly motivational, charismatic and energetic.

In her free time Jeannette enjoys walking her trusty West Highland White terrier, Hamish, who has an identity crisis and really thinks he is human!

Christine Marsh
Christine Marsh // Trainer
Christine Marsh

Christine attributes her success to understanding complex situations based on her senior management roles in new product development & supply chain, learning & development & HR before becoming a trainer/coach and consultant over 20 years ago.

Capturing participants in lively and productive dialogue means that being on one of her workshops can never be a passive experience. Christine enjoys working on an international basis and is fascinated by the impact of group dynamics across different disciplines and cultures within the employment cycle.

Her sense of adventure has taken her into remote parts of the globe. Highlight to date was venturing into the beautiful Altai mountains, Siberia. The travel itch still needs scratching.

Susan Navrotsky
Susan Navrotsky // Trainer
Susan Navrotsky
Susan’s passion is to provide highly experiential, creative, interactive and dynamic learning solutions for her client base. As a learning and development professional she has provided customised learning interventions in a variety of industries which have included entertainment, healthcare, law, media, publishing, and pharmaceutical market research with a focus on professional and leadership development, diversity and communication skills training and organizational coaching. As a certified coach, she taps into the potential of each employee or emerging leader while incorporating their unique rich diversity and experience into every learning encounter whether it is a group seminar or individual coaching session. Along with her keen understanding of the impact of culture and change on an organization, Susan continually assists her participants on viewing their growth, development and success as learners within a balanced, holistic framework. In her free time Susan enjoys traveling. exploring museums and theaters and seeking the next fabulous flea market find.
Damian Gauntlett
Damian Gauntlett // Trainer
Damian Gauntlett

For the past twenty years Damian has worked in training and consulting roles with international clients.  His approach is direct yet humorous and he loves to change attitudes and inspire new ways of thinking.  His specialist delivery work focuses on management and leadership development, personal skills development, and speaker / presenter / trainer skills courses.

Damian brings reality to the training room due to his background as a manager, mediator, leader and coach; these give his courses a feeling of reality in how to lead and what to manage, as well as detail in how to develop the skills to do the job!

At home Damian manages a lot too (or so he says) with his wife, and three children, making him run around in circles (we think this is the truth).  He also spends time walking on the hills and working for a national children’s voluntary organisation.

Anthony Donovan
Anthony Donovan // Trainer
Anthony Donovan

Anthony is a training and development professional, specialising in management, sales and communication delivery.  A Law graduate and Chartered Member of the CIPD, he began his career working in the recruitment industry, before working for Reed Business School as a Consultant and Learning and Development Manager.

An avid Liverpool FC fan, outside of learning and development Anthony can often be found on a golf course or being educated on the merits of Chuggington, Peppa Pig or Tree Fu Tom by his young son Will.

Alexandra Chaloner
Alexandra Chaloner // Trainer
Alexandra Chaloner

Alexandra has an enthusiasm for seeing people fulfil their potential. Her creativity and practical skills in training and personal development are rooted in 15 years in the corporate world and 6 years running her own business. She has a keen interest in the psychology of people and the learning environment, and is passionate about energising others.

A lover of the outdoors, on a weekend she can often be found hanging off a rock face or tramping up a mountain somewhere.

Russell Patten
Russell Patten // Trainer
Russell Patten

Russell is a solution-focused People Development Specialist who creates positive change and high performance in people and organisations by tackling business issues through the creation of practical, challenging and insightful learning solutions.

High energy, engaging and commercially aware, he has considerable experience within leadership and management development, coaching and performance enhancement, influential communications and enabling business change through people.

With over 10 years’ people development experience he also holds a business management degree together with several professional training qualifications and accreditations. Russell is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. His career experience has included sales management roles, national recruitment and operational management within 4-star hotels.

A real foodie, his passion for all things food and wine related have seen him serve Delia Smith breakfast in bed!

Mike Griffiths
Mike Griffiths // Trainer
Mike Griffiths

Mike brings over 20 years of learning experience working in sectors that include technology, pharmaceutical and engineering where he has operated at Director levels.

Mike's style is results orientated, challenging, enthusiastic, engaging and highly successful. Mike is a proven high achiever at all levels and his facilitation skills enable delegates to achieve the mindset change they require to perform at the highest levels. Mike specialises in leadership that involves team development, change and coaching as well as Sales and the creation of a branded customer experience.

Outside of work you are most likely to find Mike on either the golf course as a former county player of cycling across the UK, his latest passion.

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‘GBS has worked as a true partner, building our confidence in their ability to design and deliver an effective leadership training course that met our business needs. Their ability to support us in defining our needs at the outset and, being able to assist us with evaluation, is invaluable.’

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  • eBay
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