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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

UK and Ireland Affiliate of the Center for Leadership Studies 

GBS Corporate Training is one of a number of worldwide organisations authorised to distribute Situational Leadership® products and training courses and is the sole UK and Ireland Affiliate of the renowned Center for Leadership Studies.

For more than 40 years Situational Leadership® training courses have been the driving force in building influential and highly strategic leaders across the world.

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Introduction

To be successful in today’s work environment, a leader must learn to appropriately balance his/her task direction with the proper relationship behaviour, leading to high levels of consistent performance across team members.

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders provides leaders with an action-oriented framework that increases both the quantity and quality of performance conversations by matching an individual’s Performance Readiness® Level for a specific task with the appropriate leadership style. This task-specificity is at the heart of Situational Leadership® and is paramount to ensuring that your organisation is comprised of capable situational leaders who drive behaviour change.

In order to provide the flexibility your organisation requires, Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders can be delivered in three different delivery methods designed to offer an identical learning experience regardless of how the course is completed:

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders – Instructor Led

A two-day instructor-led workshop, public or in-house, that emphasises active learning through application-based activities and participant interaction to ensure learner engagement in the classroom.

Instructor-Led Course

  • Building Leaders Two-Day ILT 

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders - Blended

This combines two web-modules with a one day instructor–led workshop. Learners complete the Model Overview e-module as pre-work to gain a basic understanding of Situational Leadership®, while the classroom is used for active learning through application-based activities and interactive discussions. Following the training workshop, participants will complete the Development and Regression e-module, which teaches leaders how to guide people to higher levels of performance and take corrective measures when people regress.

Blended Learning

  • Model Overview E-Learning Module
  • One-Day ILT
  • Development and Regression E-Learning Module

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders - Online

This guides the learner through five interactive e-learning modules. To enhance the overall learning experience, each module has an optional Discussion Guide designed to generate dialogue to ensure learner pull through.

E-Learning Modules

  • Model Overview
  • Performance Readiness®
  • Leadership Styles
  • Development and Regression
  • Situational Leadership® Challenge

Furthermore the iSitlead® App supports leaders by serving as a reinforcement tool and centralised location for all Situational Leadership® learning resources. Please see below for further information.


The Situational Leadership® Model

This powerful and flexible model was first developed by Dr. Paul Hersey in the 1960’s at the Center for Leadership Studies. the Situational Leadership® model is infinitely adaptable to any culture or situation. The model enables leaders to identify the variables in any given circumstance and subsequently adapt their leadership style to match the behaviour and needs the individual or group they are trying to influence.

Situational Leadership® gives leaders a framework which enables leaders to access an individual or team members Performance Readiness® level (the combination of an individual’s ability and willingness) towards an assignment or function.

The continual success and application of the Situational Leadership® model is due to its flexibility. Leaders are able to continuously adapt their leadership style which enables them to increase the complexity of tasks over time whilst recognising and reacting to the enhanced skills of their followers.

The Situational Leadership® model addresses the following leadership behaviours

leadership behaviours

  • Telling – Leaders tell their people exactly what to do and how to do it
  • Selling – Leaders still provide information and direction, but there’s more communication with followers. Leaders “sell” their message to get the team on board
  • Participating – Leaders focus more on the relationship and less on direction. The leader works with the team and shares decision-making responsibilities
  • Delegating – Leaders pass most of the responsibility onto the follower or group. The leaders still monitor progress, but they’re less involved in decisions

Strengths of Situational Leadership®

  • Situational Leadership® is not a flavour of the month, it has been the most popular leadership model since the 1960’s
  • Situational Leadership® has evolved from a control leadership form to an influencing model which can be used by anyone who needs to influence others
  • Situational Leadership® can be described as packaged common sense. Once learnt the model can be quickly applied. The model is not intellectually challenging but it can be behaviourally challenging
  • Situational Leadership® focuses on the here and now reality of delivered performance not aspirational performance. So your organisational effectiveness can be improved through the application of the model
  • Situational Leadership® and behavioural coaching have been proven to help increase performance in controlled experiments. This means organisational effectiveness can be improved through identifying key targets on the training and then receiving coaching post training
  • Situational Leadership® training courses excites people and is popular across the board at all levels
  • Situational Leadership® is linked very closely to Malcolm Knowles’s adult learning model


This App is currently available to licensed customers using iPhone®, iPad®, and Google Android® devices, iSitLead® is the sustainability application for Situational Leadership®.

Designed to take learning outside of the classroom, iSitLead® supports your leaders by serving as a centralised location for all Situational Leadership® learning resources (e.g. podcasts, videos, etc.). Stressing accessibility and convenience, iSitLead utilises a dynamic library of leadership tools to ensure your managers are prepared for every opportunity to influence others.


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  • "I gained confidence in communicating and dealing with conflicts, difficult areas and more senior managers.  The role plays enabled us to put theory into practice."

    Interpersonal Communication (National Grid)

  • "Really brilliant course.  Both interesting and practical.  Easily understandable for complex information.  Lots of clear take-aways and actions."

    Situational Leadership – Feb 2014 (Hodder and Stoughton)

  • "I have assimilated a more clearer picture on what and more importantly what not to do.  Good reflective learning process for me an excellent addition to my management toolbox."

    Negotiation Skills (International Nuclear Services)

  • "This course has been the best thing that has happened to me. The whole content of this training was amazing, clear straight to the point. This training helped me to understand different personalities and how to deal with all the challenges that might be presented to me."

    Effective Communications (Schlumberger Houston)

  • "Better understanding of the requirements of being a good manager – particularly understanding how and why people behave in particular ways and how to use this to the benefit of the team or organisation."

    Introduction to Management (Australian High Commission - London)

  • "I have gained a wider understanding of how training basics can be applied in everyday world.  I enjoyed listening to everyone’s presentations as you pick up different techniques."

    Training Skills for Trainers (Saudi Arabian Airlines)

  • "The trainer set a great pace and made this a memorable course which I thoroughly enjoyed."

    Constructive conversations – Feb 2014 (National Grid)