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How can you Combine and Consolidate your Learning?

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

By, GBS Corporate Training

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As the new 'Millennial' generation enters the workforce, HR and L&D professionals are evaluating how they are going to motivate, engage, and inspire these learners to achieve results in their new positions. 

Millennials, the generation of people born between 1981 and 1999, are the largest, most educated, and most diverse generation since the Baby Boomers. According to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) approximately a quarter of Millennials now make up the UK’s workforce.

Millennials prefer a broad spectrum of learning approaches and the concept of learner-style is even more pronounced in this generation. They prefer learning materials that are delivered to cater to their visual, auditory and even kinaesthetic needs, with gamification allowing crossover from fun based activities into the Corporate learning space.

Their attention spans are shorter – they quickly move on to other forms of learning. Their ideal learning environment involves fewer lectures and more collaboration with peers. Group-based projects that emulate the work environment (authentic assessments) are ideal for these learners.

So – should you completely change your basic training methods or should your learning technologies be updated? Should everything now be bite-sized, mobile, and social?

GBS believe that the answer is about providing choice and balance. The solution is about providing a range of learning solutions that accommodate your full learning portfolio, that are able to cater for the personal learning preferences of your range of staff members.

We have introduced our new Flexi-Days solution as one learning option you can choose, that fits with how the younger generation like to learn.

GBS Flexi Days

With GBS Flexi-Day training, you can provide staff with an update, refresher or an intensive attack on a key topic in just 90 minutes in workshop-style classroom-based sessions. This is of particular relevance to the younger generation, who like to experience their learning in shorter, more intense ‘chunks’.

You can combine up to three modules to create a full day of training. This could be on three completely different topics, or combine 3 sessions all related to a specific business need.

By adopting this approach, training will get right to the point. It will motivate and excite your team, but more importantly, result in making the learning really ‘stick’. You can also cover multiple topics in one day, which also means staff members can dip in and out of the sessions that are relevant to them. Flexi-Days provide a cost effective training option for your company.

GBS is committed to being the most innovative, flexible and professional provider of Leadership and Management learning and development in UK.

You can find out more about flexi-days as well as our bespoke blended learning provision on the GBS Website.

Learning is the most powerful tool available to businesses to remain competitive in 2017 onwards.

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