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Online corporate training is increasing in popularity, and many of our clients choose this route to harness the power of video-based learning.

Through our sister company CPD Digital Learning, GBS are able to provide a broad range of high-quality, easily-accessible online learning courses.

These courses are ideal when targeting knowledge and skill development, or when looking to continue professional development.

Our courses

  • Business Report Writing

    The ability to compile an accurate business report is vital to any successful organisation.

    This course will provide you with the fundamental skills needed to create an effective and comprehensive business report that persuades and influences key decisions within your organisation.

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  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills

    Providing coaching and mentoring to others is a valuable tool in helping to develop their professional capabilities whilst allowing you to pass on existing knowledge so that they can grow in confidence and competency.

    Learn the difference between coaching and mentoring and know which to apply in certain situations.

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  • Communication Basics

    Enhance your communication skills at work so that you can build rapport, strengthen relationships and avoid miscommunications.

    This course will provide you with the basic models of communication to help you resolve conflicts, foster creativity and nurture relationships.

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  • Communication Techniques for Managers

    Learn the skills to successfully navigate conversations so that you can become a respected and powerful communicator.

    This comprehensive course is ideal for managers to learn different ways to improve their communication at work so that you have the confidence to negotiate, discuss and be able to resolve conflict in a positive manner.

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  • Conducting Employee Appraisals

    Learn how to conduct an effective appraisal that reviews performance and strengthens your business.

    You will learn all the components which, when combined, create a reflective appraisal with positive outcomes so that employees feel motivated to improve their performance and increase their own skills.

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  • Constructive Feedback

    Bring about positive change in the workplace by providing constructive feedback in an encouraging manner.

    This course is an ideal method to develop your skills in giving, and in receiving, constructive feedback positively, rather than viewing it as criticism.

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  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

    Increase your interpersonal communication and deal more positively with difficult situations or people.

    By taking this course you will feel more equipped to deal with unexpected situations and resolve them in a positive, less stressful, manner.

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  • Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

    Know the difference between equality and diversity and avoid discriminatory practices by creating an inclusive culture.

    By providing training in this area, employees become clear on discrimination and how to eradicate it at work. It is the ideal course for organisations to move towards a more diverse environment.

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  • Finance for Non Finance Managers

    Gain a comprehensive insight into financial accounting and reporting so you can improve the financial status of your business.

    This course is suited to all managers, especially non-financial managers, in order to truly understand the financials that your company produces so that you can contribute to the improvement of its’ efficacy.

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  • Health & Safety for Homeworkers

    Learn how to undertake a risk assessment to ensure that homeworkers are protected from risk whilst working from home.

    It is the ideal course to ensure that your staff feel safe and will enable you to put procedures in place to improve their health.

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  • Influencing People

    Master the art of influence and persuasion and motivate others to higher levels of performance to achieve more.

    This course will provide you with the fundamental skills to motivate your team and help you to engage with them better so that they feel valued and appreciated.

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  • Interpersonal Skills

    Gain confidence and improve the way that you communicate with others by learning about interpersonal communication.

    This course will provide you with the knowledge to improve upon your interpersonal communication skills to avoid misunderstandings and become more confident when socialising either at home, or within the workplace.

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  • Interview Skills and CV Writing

    Learning how to prepare for an interview and honing your CV writing skills will dramatically improve your chances of being hired into your dream role.

    This course will provide you with the skills to compose a CV that highlights your skills and increases your chances of succeeding within an interview.

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  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

    Managers use emotional intelligence to deal effectively with emotions in situations that arise in the workplace, and to develop better relationships with members of their teams through an understanding of what emotional intelligence really means.

    By taking this course you will learn what Emotional Intelligence means and how to develop this essential management skill.

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  • Leading Team Meetings

    When a meeting is run well the benefits are numerous. People are able to share ideas freely, collaborate and align themselves with business goals.

    Learn the skills to facilitate a productive meeting which leaves everyone feeling energised and aligned to business goals.

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  • Time Management

    Take control of your time and achieve more by learning the skills and techniques of effective time management.

    This course is an ideal step in improving how you manage your time by guiding you through specific techniques and theories which will allow you to effectively prioritise tasks and achieve more.

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  • Unconscious Bias

    Become aware of your own unconscious bias and learn how to overcome it to make better, less biased, decisions.

    By learning where your unconscious bias comes from and the impact it has on every decision you make, you can overcome it, help embrace equality and diversify your business.

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