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Quality & Process Improvement Courses CQI Quality Improvement Courses

Authority should be vested in the people doing the work to improve their own processes to teach them how to measure them and to understand them. They should not have to ask for permission to improve their processes. STEVE JOBS

Across all types of organisations, quality management is vital for operational success.

GBS Corporate Training offers a range of CQI accredited Practitioner qualifications designed to provide the knowledge and skills to be able to analyse and redesign their processes to remain competitive and avoid unnecessary waste.

Completion of two Quality Professional training courses, alongside having demonstrable work experience, provides a route to gaining Chartered Quality Professional status (CQP). We are also able to consult with clients across all industries to focus upon all types of process and performance challenges using a breadth of effective tools and techniques.

Practitioner level courses are designed specifically for professionals that are currently practicing quality and are in, or aspire to middle management. These certified courses will provide professionals with the practical skills to apply in their role and organisation.

The Profession Map

The Profession Map, launched in 2023, replaces the Competency Framework, and sits at the heart of a learner’s professional development.

In the same way as the Competency Framework, the five competencies (Context, Governance, Assurance, Improvement and Leadership) are at its core, however the Profession Map now includes Risk, ESG, and Quality. The inclusion of these competencies means that learners will have the information they need to remain up to date with industry developments and enable them to advance their career.

The Profession Map is unique as it is also designed to help employers support and develop their quality professionals.

For more information please visit: https://www.quality.org/the-profession-map.