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Limited time for Training? Try our Flexi Days

Accelerated, highly effective learning in just 90 minutes!

Wednesday, 15th March 2017 

By, GBS Corporate Training

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"I simply don't have the time to spend two days away from the office to take training!"

How often do you hear these words within your organisation? More often than not, a two-day training event is simply not practical and taking key members out of an organisation for long periods of training can simply be impossible. Ultimately, this results in valuable training opportunities being lost.

Training is not a luxury – it’s a necessity if you want to keep yourself, your staff and your business ahead of the game. The trick is how to fit it in and we, at GBS, have a solution in the form of our new Flexi-Day training approach.

Introducing GBS Flexi-Day Training

‘Flexi-Day’ sessions are focused on a broad range of Leadership and Management training topics, delivered to you in a range of suitable workshops by one of our experienced facilitators. This approach allows you to develop your desired skills in the limited time that is available to you, putting you in the driver’s seat so that you have the flexibility and choice over your own personal development.

Organisations can build a day of learning with multiple 90 minute learning modules, designed to make every second count. We can deliver up to three workshops in a day so a variety of topics can be covered in a short space of time.

You can pick and mix from a broad range of areas such as effective delegation, effective negotiation, communicating and rapport, and presenting with confidence and delegates may choose to attend one, two or all the sessions during the day.

Living up to its name – the training is 100% flexible!

We employ dynamic, accelerated learning, with a specific subject or skills-focus and each session is packed with tips and knowledge which can instantly be used back in the workplace.

By providing high energy training in short bursts, information is more easily digested than lengthy training that keeps people ‘captive’ for long periods of time.

GBS is committed to being the most innovative, flexible and professional provider of Leadership and Management learning and development in UK.

Learning is the most powerful tool available to businesses to remain competitive in 2017 onwards.