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Mix, Match, Master: Crafting tailored training days with GBS

Integrating learning into the modern work environment is harder than ever. With remote work increasingly the norm, and clients juggling numerous responsibilities, some form of flexible learning is necessary to keep reskilling and upskilling your teams.

GBS Corporate introduces Flexi-Days – a novel concept designed to accommodate the shifting schedules and learning preferences of professionals.

What is a Flexi-Day?

Let's be frank: training days always seem to happen at the worst possible times. Teams are pressed against the clock trying to meet a looming deadline or have responsibilities preventing them from staying away from their desks for long periods.

The answer is "Flexi-Day."

‘Flexi-days’ consist of a compilation of different short topics so the learning takes place over a single day with multiple short components. Participants can select the topic they need and just attend that one.

This has two benefits:

1. Team members can balance their training with other commitments, ensuring neither aspect is neglected.

2. Because the learning is split into manageable chunks, learners absorb knowledge more effectively, leading to greater skill development.

What Does Your Course Range Cover?

Flexi-Day training programmes are extensive, and cover high-level topics related to the key aspects of operating in a business environment. That could be boosting a team's emotional intelligence or analysing how to build stronger relationships.

Here's a quick glimpse into three of our most popular courses:

▪ Performance Appraisals: These courses delve into various aspects of appraisals, equipping employees and managers with the tools to conduct effective performance reviews and to understand the appraisal process.

▪ Business Finance: Designed to enhance financial literacy, these sessions cover budget management, interpreting accounts, and understanding main financial documents.▪ Effective Communication: From mastering business writing to excelling in assertive communication, these courses are tailored to improve various aspects of workplace communication.

For the full course list, please refer to our Flexi Days page.

How to Integrate Flexi Day Courses Into Your Company Training

Not sure how to get started? Integrating training days with GBS into your company's training programme involves a strategic approach to workplace learning.

First, assess the specific skills and knowledge gaps within your team. That's more than just asking for a manager's assessment. Ask team members to be honest about where they're struggling. Send the list of courses to team members and create an anonymous survey to see what's most popular.

Then, consider the schedules and learning preferences of your employees. Companies with large remote teams will need to think about how best to promote engagement. Collaborate with GBS Corporate to tailor a training schedule that aligns with your company's goals and your team's availability.

Encourage employee participation by communicating the benefits of these courses and how they contribute to personal and professional growth. Monitor the impact on performance and productivity, learning from what went well and adjusting for future training days.

Speak with our training experts to learn more about how Flexi-Days can upgrade your company's current learning options. Flexible, educational, and interesting, training days with GBS are designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse work environments, offering a learning experience that applies practically to your team's daily tasks and long-term goals.