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Tailored training that suits changing business needs

In today’s fast paced 21st century world, companies have to constantly pivot to keep up with a rapidly changing market landscape – and learning and development is no different. As employees seek more flexibility and development opportunities, it’s vital for organisations to provide training that allows their team to grow. Upskilling is crucial and having a workforce that evolves with a business; both in terms of size but also the calibre of skills, can help to create a culture of high fulfilment and an environment that promotes high performance. 

Whilst the needs of organisations evolve, the training that businesses provide must advance too. Equipping teams with valuable tools and relevant skills to handle change has never been more important than in today's working environment. In a global study carried out by Deloitte, they found 86% of businesses rated the need to improve learning and development as ‘important’ or ‘very important’ and only 10% of those felt very ready to address it. 

With so much change happening in the world of business, it poses a question that many organisations are facing today; 

  • How can we keep our employees learning worthwhile skills that equip them for the future of our business? 

With this in mind, many companies have started to opt for what’s quickly becoming known as ‘flexible training courses’, offering much needed versatility with tailored training for different organisations. 

What is flexible training and how it can help your business? 

Flexible training courses or ‘Flexi Days’ as we call them at GBS Corporate Training reflect a unique approach to incorporate a wide range of topics in one day. With challenging deadlines and limitations on time spent away from the desk, Flexi Days give employees the opportunity to take up bite-sized learning on topics that are hyper-relevant to their day-to-day roles, giving them essential knowledge and tools that they can put into practice straight away. 

How flexible training works 

A ‘day’ is typically split into chunks where businesses choose from a large number of ‘Short Courses’ that can be aimed at teams or individuals. At GBS Corporate Training, we have over 80 Short Courses ranging from Business Finance - Budgets and Budgetary Control all the way through to Effective Negotiation and Dealing with Change. It isn’t unusual to see our experts teaching Human Resources about how to effectively manage appraisals in the morning, before coaching the Marketing Team on Setting SMART Objectives, followed by an afternoon with the leadership team exploring Effective Coaching. 

This unique approach to training helps companies cut to the core of their team’s individual needs, offering tailored training to a large number of employees across one day, in areas that are relevant to their day-to-day roles. 

At GBS Corporate Training, we provide a tried and tested approach to the cost-effective flexible training model that helps inspire teams to learn new skills that drive high performance. Please speak with our training experts today on 01252 618 400 and we will help you find the right training solution for your business.