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Schneider Electric

Advance the Leadership skills of current leaders


GBS is the preferred training partner for Schneider Electric UK to supply bespoke management development solutions and a suite of personal development courses. To advance the leadership skills of current leaders who have a minimum of three years leadership experience.


This programme was evaluated by Schneider’s on-line system with feedback scores consistently measured at the good/excellent level. The programme is now running with its fifth cohort of managers.

The brief

L5 Certificate in Management and Leadership

Engagement & Design

GBS worked with Schneider Electric’s HR Manager for Employee Development to identify which units from the Chartered Management Institutes Level 5 Management & Leadership syllabus would be appropriate to enhance the leadership skills of managers drawn from business units representing the whole of Schneider Electric UK.

GBS produced a high level programme design, creatively regrouping a number of the CMI Learning outcomes to achieve a more cost effective and focused blend of delivery modules.

  • Four L5 CMI units were chosen – 5001, 5002, 5004 and 5005
  • Two units were re-configured to enhance topic delivery and cost effectiveness programme delivered as four, 2-day modules
  • Two modules were selected to be the assignment topics for the external qualification
  • Modules were delivered at three monthly intervals


The programme enabled the leaders to:

• Understand and meet the needs of their stakeholders
• Plan and manage their personal professional development
• Develop the skills and confidence to lead and motivate their people
• Improve their ability to analyse data and make decisions
• Communicate the results of their decision making
• Identify and plan resources needed to meet business objectives
• Monitor and evaluate the use of resources and improve their use of the resource supply chain to meet planned objectives
• Apply and improve quality standards through continuous improvements and change
• Promote healthy and safe working
• Gain the L5 Certificate in Management & Leadership

The programme was opened by the HR Manager for Employee Development; he emphasised the key importance of this development programme and how it enhanced the development options for middle managers in UK business.

The modules were highly interactive and participative, challenging participants to stretch themselves and each other making good use of business related case studies and team exercises.

Delegates were continually encouraged to reflect on their learning and make use of learning logs and to establish a mentor. The managers were further supported by the trainers through the successful completion of their CMI assignment work.