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Five common issues faced working from home during lockdown

A home office is a very different environment to its traditional counterpart. With stringent measures in place to keep the most vulnerable people in society safe and protected, the hour train commute or lifeless traffic is a thing of the past; working remotely is something that the vast majority are having to get used to.

Although getting to wear your pyjamas during work hours might be a high point for some, the reality of working from home comes with its own unique set of challenges. In this article, we take a look at some of the most common hurdles we’re facing in our new-found working routines;

  1. Mental health
    1. One of the biggest problems faced by remote-workers is mental health. With the number of people struggling in silence rising, companies need to promote positive mental health amongst employees working remotely and offer support to those in need. Take a look at our Mental Health First Aid Awareness course which can be incorporated into your organisation's health and wellbeing strategy.
  2. Managing team members
    1. Managing staff remotely is an entirely different skill to managing in person. Having the tools and resources to communicate and track work logs and projects is an integral part of creating an environment that is conducive to productivity and not falling into the downward spiral of micro-management. These don’t have to be complex, but they should allow and promote three key points: transparency, regular communication and team engagement.
  3. Staying safe online
    1. There’s a reason why millions are invested in IT infrastructure every year, and a big part of that is security. When working remotely or from home, remaining aware of your IT security is essential. Simply changing the default WiFi password on your home network is a simple step to mitigate any security threats; however, there are other ways to better protect yourself, such as in our latest online cybersecurity course.
  4. Loneliness
    1. Going from a busy office to a home office is a significant change and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether it’s watercooler chats or going for lunch with a friend or colleague, these times aren’t going to be happening at home and can start to cause a sense of loneliness. Being resilient to change and difficult circumstances is a welcomed trait of employees but not always an innate skill which is why training your employees to understand and practise resilience can reap many benefits.
  5. Work-life balance
    1. When there’s not a security guard locking up behind you or people around you leaving to go home, you can become disillusioned with time and engrossed in a piece of work causing time to fly by. At home it’s easy to slip into this pattern, so it’s important to maintain a routine. Try to stick to your working day and continue to take short breaks to stay productive.

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