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GBS Raises the Bar on Accredited Bespoke Training Programmes

Friday, 8th September 2017

By, GBS Corporate Training

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Investing in training is not only good for your employees but it also delivers real, lasting benefits to your business and to your bottom line as well. Companies are now placing increasing importance on obtaining qualifications or endorsement from leading professional awarding bodies as part of their training programmes.

Such qualifications or endorsements mean that training programmes meet national standards and enable companies to determine how well-trained their staff are compared with other businesses in their sector or region.

GBS adds new accredited quality courses to our portfolio

GBS Corporate Training is delighted to have gained the status of an Approved Training Provider for the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), adding to the other professional awarding bodies we work with. This means that we can offer a range of nationally recognised and accredited Management, Leadership and Quality programmes and courses of study, which lead to recognised qualifications, providing great value to organisations and to individuals.

We now have Approved Training Provider status for:

A. Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

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The CMI is the professional home of Managers and Leaders and the only Chartered Awarding Organisation of Management and Leadership qualifications.

GBS delivers a broad portfolio of Team Leading, Management and Leadership qualifications from levels 2 to 5 of the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership.

B. Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

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ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, coaching and management qualifications and training, and is also Europe’s largest independent leadership and management awarding body.

GBS has worked as an approved training centre for ILM’s courses for the past five years, providing tangible benefits for our clients through the delivery of Levels 2 to 5 accredited management programmes.

C. Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)

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The CQI is the global chartered body for quality professionals encompassing the whole quality community, including quality management professionals, and is the world’s largest professional body of its kind.

GBS offer a range of CQI Practitioner courses designed to provide your staff with the knowledge and skills to be able to analyse and redesign your business processes and quality systems to remain competitive, avoid unnecessary costs and improve productivity.

Working in partnership with our clients, GBS initially conducts a thorough corporate training needs analysis, before designing a tailored learning programme that will address specific individual growth and target business objectives. For accredited programmes, our training consultants will tailor the design of the programme to cover the requirements of the ILM, CMI and/or CQI, while keeping in mind our customer's specific learning outcomes and objectives.

Accreditation offers multiple benefits to your business

If a manager becomes disengaged with your organisation the chances are that they will leave as soon as they can. The Department for Business Innovation & Skills calculates that disengaged employees cost the UK economy as much as £64 billion every year.

By ensuring that your in-house training programmes can offer your employees recognised qualifications on successful completion, this proves to them that you believe in their ability and are willing to invest in their future with you. It also gives them more credibility for what they know, what they can do and how well they do it.

“Employers are actively looking for recognised qualifications on CVs, but only 1 in 5 managers have a recognised management qualification”. (CMI)

Ensuring that your training programmes are endorsed by professional awarding bodies and/or enable employees to gain industry-recognised qualifications has multiple business benefits, including:

  • Raising skills in leadership, management and operational processes in your organisation
  • Motivating staff, who feel valued, and are more motivated at work, increasing productivity as a result
  • Delivering a benchmark for staff development, helping to structure career expectations
  • Providing your company with a mark of professional credibility, making you stand out to clients
  • Maintaining talent and keeping the right people working for you
  • Making you more attractive to new talent, particularly graduates who prioritise career development above starting salaries

In summary, delivering accredited training helps in making your company more efficient, your workforce happier and more motivated, your recruitment costs lower, your business performance higher, and ultimately contributing to increased revenue and improved profits.

The GBS Way: Flexible, Bespoke, Accredited programmes

Offering a recognised professional qualification option to your in house training programme greatly enhances its profile and status, not just at the employee level, but also for your organisation as a whole.

When it comes to justifying the training budget, our experience shows that board level support for training is strengthened, when the programme you are embarking on carries a nationally recognised standard.

We are very flexible in the programmes we create for you. We will tailor course content to cater for your specific business needs or to address skill shortages in your organisation. Through this approach, you can be sure your employees are gaining new knowledge and skills that will be relevant to your company.

There are a wide range of options available to you in terms of programme structures and outcomes. Here are just a few examples:

1. Management development programme around a specific qualification

You may have a group of staff that you would like to undertake training towards a specific qualification. We can design a course for that specific qualification, tailored for your business environment.

The result would be delegates gaining that specific qualification on successful completion of the programme.

2. Bespoke programme delivering one or more specific qualifications to delegates

We can create a training programme which is fully structured around your business need, addressing your skills development needs, and which incorporates content covering the full syllabus of one or more qualifications from CMI, ILM or CQI.

The result is a programme that focuses on your specific business environment, meeting your unique challenges, and on successful conclusion of the course, rewards delegates with one or more professional qualifications.

3. Bespoke programme, endorsed by accreditation organisation

In this scenario, we can create a training programme, again structured around your business needs. The course might incorporate elements of the syllabus from different qualifications. In this scenario, the programme might not cover the full content in order to deliver a full qualification at the end. Instead, we would work with the awarding organisation to gain their endorsement for the programme as a whole.

The result is that delegates develop the specific skills required by your organisation, and can record that they have attended a professional training course that has been endorsed by the awarding body.

4. Qualification via distance learning

Brighton School of Business and Management (BSBM), a sister company within the GBS Corporate Training Group, is an international online distance learning College, offering a wide range of UK accredited and internationally recognised Management and Business qualifications, at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

Through BSBM you can study for professional qualifications, accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). For more details please visit the BSBM website.

We listen to our clients carefully and so are able to support them to achieve real behavioural change in a business world that is constantly changing and where what we need to learn, when we need to learn and how we like to learn is also constantly changing.

When the business world demands a new skill, GBS is able to provide the development.