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The rise of micro-learning: what is it and how it could benefit you?

Micro-learning has been described as ‘the future of professional development’; but what is it and how can it help you and your business?

Micro-learning differs from the more traditional model of learning, such as longer courses that cover every aspect of a topic over a long period of time. Put simply, micro-learning is learning in bite size ‘nuggets’ or courses and training modules that target specific needs with a laser-like focus.

In the mobile-first world that we now live in, micro-learning offers convenient ways to learn new skills and concepts using text, images, audio, videos, quizzes and games. This convenient, engaging way of learning has seen an explosion in growth in recent years. But why should your business start using micro-learning?

Courses are delivered faster

If there are new skills and knowledge that you need your team to have as your business evolves or pivots, micro-learning is perfect as training can be designed and delivered to a large number of people both quickly and effectively. Your entire workforce or a key function within the business can be upskilled to benefit your customers as soon as possible!

Micro-learning makes it stick!

Micro-learning’s success is based on concepts from cognitive science. It uses spaced repetition to break down learning topics into small, manageable chunks and repeats them with spacing between lessons. Countless studies have shown that micro-learning actually aids learner retention so concepts and skills really sink in and can be recalled easily to help service a business need.

It’s what a whole generation of learners want

Millennials are replacing baby boomers as the largest adult generation and as digital natives, they expect relevant information at their fingertips and demand engaging experiences. Micro-learning meets this need for millennials, but it’s also engaging for staff of all ages, which leads us on to the next point…

Micro-learning is (whisper it) fun

One of the reasons that micro-learning has seen such a boom in take-up is that the courses can be adapted to make weighty concepts fun and easy to pick up. The ‘gamification’ of training also helps learners to apply real-life critical thinking when answering questions on the topic in hand.

It cuts through the noise

In the modern, always-on, fast-paced digital world, there’s always something vying for attention. The average person switches between gadgets up to 21 times per hour! Given that, perhaps it’s not surprising that the average attention span has been proven to have dropped to only eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years. Micro-learning’s bite-sized chunks help to cut through this noise and grab the attention of learners with completion rates nearing 100%.

Online Corporate Training with GBS

Given what we know about micro-learning, it’s no surprise that our online corporate training is increasing in popularity, and many of our clients choose this route to harness the power of micro-learning. Find out more about our standard courses here or contact one of our training experts today on 01252 618 400 to discuss bespoke training.

Flexible Learning with GBS

We’ve also launched our suite of short courses which can be combined to create a “Flexi-day” of bite-sized learning which allows organisations to build a day of learning with multiple, short components. Please call 01252 618 400 to speak to a training expert who will be able to assist you with creating the most flexible, cost-effective combination to meet the organisation’s needs. Or find out more here