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Situational Leadership Courses

Leading With DiSC ®

Course Overview

​One day workshop

Influencing performance

The ability to recognise and adapt to the unique behavioural tendencies, communication preferences, and priorities that drive an individual’s performance is critical to managerial success.

Leading with DiSC guides you on a path of self-discovery to develop your own unique management style and identifies potential challenges and opportunities that you may encounter when working with individuals that exhibit behaviours and preferences that are vastly different to your own.

This interactive workshop, combines the Everything DiSC® Management Behavioural Model with the Situational Leadership® approach and provides a learning experience that enables you to use an individuals’ DiSC style to accurately understand their level of ‘readiness’ towards a situation; this way you can then respond with the appropriate leadership style. By adapting your behaviour to meet the needs of those you lead, you are able to engage in more productive and engaging interactions which drive high achievement.

Typical learning outcomes

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Prices available on request

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