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Are You Using the Right Leadership Style to Increase Productivity and Engagement?

Are you using the right leadership style?

According to an article by the Chartered Management Institute, 7 in 10 employers are failing to train first-time managers. Often managers, probably promoted from within a business, may do their day-to-day job extremely well but are not given the necessary leadership training to allow them to guide a team successfully.

“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing”. Tom Peters

Good leadership and management training can benefit everyone in your organisation, from top levels of management to supervisors and lower levels of management. With leadership training, leaders will learn how to manage their own time effectively, set realistic expectations and motivate employees. When the management of your business is strong at the top-executive level, the positive effects will filter down and have a positive impact on all employees.

Leadership undeniably affects organisational performance, specifically employee outcomes and productivity. Job satisfaction and organisational commitment are also affected by leadership behaviours. For more than 45 years, the Situational Leadership® model, developed by Dr. Paul Hersey at The Center for Leadership Studies, has equipped leaders of all levels with the skills necessary to more effectively influence others and increase organisational productivity. Put simply, Situational Leadership® is a task-specific leadership framework that teaches leaders to match their behaviours with the performance needs of the individual they are trying to influence.

By adopting the Situational Leadership® approach, leaders are able to more effectively:

  • Create a common language of performance
  • Account for multi-directional influence
  • Accelerate the pace and quality of employee development
  • Effectively drive behavioural change
  • Interpret and respond to their environment

GBS Corporate Training (GBS) is the authorised Global Affiliate for the Center for Leadership Studies in the UK and Ireland. We provide a curriculum of Situational Leadership® training in our range of leadership and management courses and can help you build more effective situational leaders today.

Public course dates for 2019

Situational Leadership® Building Leaders - London

21st - 22nd January 2019
25th - 26th March 2019
23rd - 24th May 2019
1st - 2nd July 2019
26th - 27th September 2019
27th - 28th November 2019

Situational Leadership® Certification - London

11th - 13th February 2019

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