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Supporting growth with digital training during COVID-19

With employers across a multitude of industries rightly advising their staff to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak to stay safe, we’re helping businesses adjust to flexible working, improve compliance and boost continuous professional development (CPD) with the help of digital technology.

While the situation is continually evolving, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed everyday life, with people advised to remain indoors, keep distance from others and only leave home for exercise (one form per day) or to shop for necessities. That said, it’s also highlighted the need for businesses to accelerate momentum where possible.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly heightened the importance of CPD for staff of all experience levels, and we’ve transformed our training processes to ensure your team has the tools necessary to adjust to life working from home and embrace change in such challenging times.

A broad spectrum of courses delivered via webinar

From Embracing Change to AssertivenessManaging Remote Workers, and Conflict Resolution, we’ve released a wide range of courses that can be completed effectively and safely from home via webinar. From helping your employees enhance productivity during the lockdown period, cope positively with change or improve their influencing and negotiating skills, we can help you scale your training offering and promote greater engagement from your workforce.

To discover the full list of courses we are now delivering digitally, please click here.

How does it work?

We deliver our interactive sessions via webinar from our platform (typically Zoom) or that of our clients (should they have their own preference). Duration will vary depending on the topic but the maximum session time is 3 hours (including breaks) with a mix of facilitator input, group discussion and break-out activities to enable us to create participant interaction and engage staff effectively.

With our carefully curated webinars (Web-Based Seminars), we’re able to utilise a range of interactive elements to give, receive and discuss information in real-time, while encouraging enthusiasm throughout the training.

Scale your training offering and save money today

If you wish to provide your employees with development solutions with remote, flexible and self-directed learning, please get in touch with GBS Corporate Training today. Our virtual courses can be purchased in bundles so that participants can join multiple sessions delivered on the same day, maximising the cost-effectiveness of the training.