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Course Overview

Regardless of the setting, adopting an encouraging and straightforward communication style helps to eliminate misunderstandings and reduce instances of confusion. However, with more people now working from home, the ability to be assertive in person and virtually, is becoming increasingly more important.

Our Assertiveness course provides the critical skills to be assertive either in person, virtually through a camera to a remote audience, via audio communication (for example, during a telephone or conference call), or in written communications such as an email.

The course will develop your communication skills and the best style to adopt in each situation, so that the assertive person achieves their own aims, whilst at the same time taking full account of the feelings and rights of others.

Please note, this course can be delivered as virtual instructor led training (VILT), face to face, or it can be delivered with a blend of both formats. We will customise the content and duration in line with your learning and development requirements.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Learn the basics of being assertive in person, on camera, in a conference call, or via an email
  • Learn how to develop an assertive mind-set
  • Practise saying ‘no’ to unreasonable requests confidently
  • Assertively reach a solution or compromise
  • Learn how to present yourself firmly and convincingly without being overbearing or aggressive
  • Be able to negotiate, rather than saying ‘yes’ too readily and regretting it
  • Be able to respond to aggression from others without becoming aggressive or flustered

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Virtual

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