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CMI Accredited Courses

Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading

Course Overview

The Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading has a comprehensive structure which provides the essential skills and competencies you’ll need to become an effective and inspirational team leader.

Who is it for?

The Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading has been specifically designed for practising or aspiring team leaders who are responsible and accountable for the performance of others in order that company objectives are achieved.

Range of units

  • Role of the team leader
  • Developing yourself
  • Effective communication
  • Planning and allocating work to the team
  • Working with others
  • Team performance
  • Providing customer service

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a CMI course?

    A CMI course offered by the Chartered Management Institute is a structured programme designed to develop and enhance management and leadership skills. These courses cover various aspects of effective management practices, including strategic leadership, organisational behaviour, project management, and decision-making.

  • Are CMI courses worth it?

    CMI courses hold significant value for individuals seeking career advancement in management and leadership roles. By undertaking CMI courses, participants gain practical skills, valuable insights, and industry-recognised qualifications that can boost their employability and open up new opportunities. The credibility and prestige associated with CMI certifications make them worth considering for those looking to enhance their management competencies.

  • Are CMI qualifications recognised?

    CMI qualifications hold substantial recognition within the business and management sectors. Employers, both nationally and internationally, acknowledge the high standards set by CMI certifications in developing competent and skilled managers. The robust curriculum, focus on practical learning, and alignment with industry standards ensure that CMI qualifications are widely respected and valued in the professional landscape.