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Business Writing in the Digital Age

Course Overview

Effective business writing has always been important – but never so much as in recent years. The growth of emails, written reports and the reliance of communication via technology (e.g. SMS, social media messengers, Snapchat, IM etc.) means that we’re all using the written word to communicate ideas and convey messages – often across different time-zones and cultures. However, it can be hard to determine what the real message is or what the response should be if the writing lacks clarity or structure, often creating a sense of confusion for readers.

The Business Writing in the Digital Age course is designed to complement today’s new digital landscape by developing the skills to communicate effectively, cohesively and with impact in order to generate actions and results.

Please note, this course can be delivered as virtual instructor led training (VILT), face to face, or it can be delivered with a blend of both formats. We will customise the content and duration in line with your learning and development requirements.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Plan ways to get your message across effectively
  • Avoid common abbreviations, slang and redundant phrases
  • Structure ideas so that messages are clear
  • Use layouts effectively so that readers grasp key points quickly
  • Use sentences and paragraphs correctly
  • Create business correspondence that’s clear and straightforward
  • Use an appropriate style of writing for your reader
  • Write with a style that’s both personal and engaging
  • Have increased confidence in written work

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Prices available on request
  • Virtual

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