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Process Improvement - CQI Courses

PT202 – Managing Process Performance

Course Overview

The majority of us work in a very process driven environment.

There a variety of improvement methodologies, tools and techniques available to any team but in order to gain the most from them the selected approach needs to be correctly applied and efficiently managed. We also need to consider the impact on customers and suppliers and take them along with use during the process.

To successfully process manage we need to be structured in our approach and often innovative with our solutions. We all need to be able to collect appropriate data, analyse it objectively and establish improvement opportunities. We also need to be able to assess, manage and control risks to the process and the organisation we work for.

The GBS Managing Process Performance course has been designed to equip managers and team leaders with the practical skills, tools, and structured techniques to manage process operation and performance.

Practitioner level courses are designed specifically for professionals that are currently practicing quality and are in, or aspire to middle management. These certified courses will provide professionals with the practical skills to apply in their role and organisation.

Completion of two Practitioner level courses, together with demonstrable work experience, can lead to the gold standard Chartered Quality Professional (CQP) status, which is recognised alongside other roles with Chartered status.

Please note, this course can be delivered as virtual instructor led training (VILT), face to face, or it can be delivered with a blend of both formats. We will customise the content and duration in line with your learning and development requirements.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Ability to lead and develop teams in a process environment
  • Ability to undertake a customer and stakeholder analysis
  • Knowledge to construct a customer/stakeholder statement of requirements
  • To understand and use different improvement methodologies, tools and techniques commonly used in process improvement
  • Understanding of and ability to use a range of data collection methods and to be able to effective analyse the data collected
  • To understand what process management is, who is responsible for what, the role of process audit
  • Understand the difference between continuous and continual improvement
  • Ability to improve processes in a structured manner
  • Understand performance measurement and have the ability to measure any process
  • Work with customers and suppliers to ensure effective process management is in place
  • Ability to understand the importance of visual management in any process and how to use a range of visual tools effectively
  • Undertake an effective risk analysis and construct a range of counter measures using a range of tools and techniques

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Virtual
  • Public Course

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