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ILM Accredited Courses

Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management

Course Overview

Specialised knowledge, strategic insight and practical competence

Who are these qualifications for?

This certificate has been specifically designed for project managers, department heads and practicing middle managers who would like to prepare for more senior management responsibilities. You will develop the skills and gain the experience needed to boost your performance and excel in your role. GBS will then work with your employer to find the units that suit your (or your organisation’s) requirements.

This qualification is available as a concise Award, a broader Certificate or a very comprehensive Diploma.

The units cover the following six areas:

  • Working with people – a range of units including how to deal effectively with stress and conflict, manage remote workers and build excellent customer relations
  • Managing yourself and personal skills – including units that focus on assessing your own leadership performance and developing critical thinking
  • Providing direction – such as leading teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives and making strong and informed management decisions
  • Facilitating innovation and change – for example, build a culture of continued improvement and leading people through change
  • Achieving results – such as managing for efficiency and effectiveness and managing projects that get results
  • Using resources – including managing facilities and information

Progression pathway

These qualifications will provide progression opportunities to other qualifications including:

  • ILM Level 5 Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management

Credit Value

13 - 36

Total time required for the qualification

130 hours


There is at least one hour of induction and the units are structured into 2 groups. Learners required at least 3 hours of tutorial support. There are no mandatory units and a wide range of optional units. Students must attain a minimum of 13 credits and no more than 36 credits to achieve this qualification.

Units from group 1

  • Managing Improvement
  • Making a Financial Case
  • Developing Critical Thinking
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Managing Individual Development
  • Managing Stress and Conflict in the Organisation
  • Understanding the Organisational Environment
  • Understanding Organisational Culture and Ethics
  • Managing Customer Relations
  • Managing for Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Managing Projects in the Organisation
  • Managing Resources
  • Managing Information
  • Managing Recruitment
  • Managing Work Analysis
  • Analysing and Interpreting Statistics to Inform Management Decisions
  • Understanding the Management of Facilities
  • Making Professional Presentations
  • Developing and Leading Teams to Achieve Organisational Goals and Objectives
  • Assessing Your Own Leadership Capability and Performance
  • Managing Own Continuing Professional Development (Certificate and Diploma only)
  • Becoming an Effective Leader
  • Preparing to Apply Lean Production and Improvement Methodologies to Operational Problems in Service Delivery
  • Applying Lean Production and Improvement Methodologies to Operational Problems in ServiceDelivery (Certificate and Diploma only)
  • Improving and Maintaining the Organisation’s Environmental Performance
  • Managing Remote Workers
  • Partnership Working
  • Understanding Governance of Organisations
  • Knowledge and Information Management
  • Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Management Coaching and Mentoring
  • Improving Own Leadership Performance Through Action Learning (Diploma only)
  • Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Units from group 2

  • Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance
  • Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity
  • Managing Equality and Diversity in Own Area
  • Managing Risk in the Workplace
  • Delegating Authority in the Workplace
  • Developing People in the Workplace
  • Developing Your Leadership Styles
  • Understanding Financial Management
  • Management Communication
  • Managing Personal Development (Diploma only)
  • Managing the Analysis of Secondary Data
  • Managing a Healthy and Safe Environment
  • Managing Meetings
  • Managing Marketing Activities
  • Data Collection and Analysis to Justify Management Decision Making
  • Motivating People in the Workplace
  • Solving Problems by Making Effective Decisions in the Workplace
  • Managing and Implementing Change in the Workplace
  • Understanding the Organisational Culture and Context
  • Understanding Work in Contemporary Society
  • Budgetary Planning and Control
  • Interpreting Financial Statements to Assess Organisational Performance Using Financial Ratios
  • Understanding the Importance of Marketing for an Organisation
  • Using Quantitative Methods to Solve Management
  • Understanding the Economics of the Marketplace
  • Developing Individual Mental Toughness
  • Understanding the Macro Economic Environment (Diploma only)
  • Developing a Culture to Support Innovation and Improvement
  • Managing Operations Research

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