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Business Planning

Course Overview

For any organisation to succeed, regardless of their size, it is important that the leaders have a clear idea of their company vision and overall mission, as well as a strategy to enable them to get there. Additionally it is important that the leaders can communicate the plan effectively, in a way that is transparent, and not open to misunderstanding. The theory of planning and objective-setting cascades down in larger organisations with each department or local area responsible for setting its own short and longer-term plans which have to fit in to the larger organisational strategy.

This course has been developed to enable anyone in a leadership role understand the importance of effective planning and to teach them some strategic tools that will support their ability to develop robust business plans, and be able to communicate them effectively.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Identify corporate conflicts that exist and considered ways to minimise
  • Understand what corporate planning involves
  • Undertake a PEST and a SWOT analysis on their own company
  • Learn how to develop viable company mission statements
  • Familiarise themselves with Kaplan and Norton’s balanced scorecard approach
  • Recognise the difference between mergers and acquisitions
  • Understand the importance of financial control
  • Understand the different types of company structure
  • Consider ways to effectively communicated the plan
  • Develop a personal action plan

Course format options

  • In House Course

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