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The Resilient Manager

Course Overview

Resilience is often described as the ability to recover quickly from difficulties or being able to adapt well in the face of adversity; it is also the most crucial element in management.

Resilient management skills in the midst of a high-pressured, fast-paced and continuously changing environment are now more critical than ever. Organisational change, staff cutbacks, deadlines, pressures, upheavals, business uncertainty, tough decisions, building team/individual development, morale, performance; the list seems endless and they all contribute to organisational growth and success.

Exploring themes of personal empowerment, Emotional Intelligence, fixed vs. growth mind-sets, effective leadership, overcoming adversity and peak performance, this course provides techniques and action planning to build resilience and really make a difference.

The interactive session enables managers to explore ways to surmount and not succumb, to persevere, make informed decisions and set direction. It will teach the skills, techniques and mind-set to be flexible, self-aware and face adversity in order to meet challenges, take charge and thrive.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of personal management style
  • Personal management development
  • More confidence in ability to solve problems, trust instincts, handle issues effectively and keep perspective
  • Creation of strategies to foster resilience
  • Identification of personal stress triggers and coping mechanisms that support positive action to bring a sense of control
  • Utilisation of a growth mind-set vs fixed mind-set in developing individuals/teams, creating a sense of purpose and worth

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Prices available on request

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