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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

Course Overview

The need for effective leadership is greater than ever. A recent CMI report found that 43% of workers rate their line managers as ineffective, failing to recognise or support their talents. The Situational Leadership® Model is arguably the most recognised, utilised and effective leadership and influence tool in the history of the behavioural sciences.

So it’s no surprise that 70% of Fortune500™ companies consider the tool as a critical component of their leadership development strategy. It transcends cultural and generational differences with a success rate that speaks for itself. Situational Leadership® is a proven model of effective leadership that has endured the test of time. It’s a practical approach which helps your people to be more effective in achieving their goals, and shows you, as a leader, how best to respond to their performance needs. More than ever, businesses need well-equipped and adaptable leaders.

We can help you rise to the challenge.

GBS is now pleased to offer our Building Leaders® course virtually as both public and in-house sessions.

Typical learning outcomes

By the end of the programme, learners will be able to

  • Analyse their own and staff members’ needs in terms of ‘Performance Readiness®’ to undertake tasks
  • Define and recognise ‘task behaviours’ and ‘relationship behaviours’
  • Define and recognise a range of leadership and influencing styles
  • Match leadership or influencing styles to a variety of situations
  • Describe their own preferred leadership and influencing styles
  • Analyse team members’ feedback on their leadership and influencing styles
  • Apply course concepts to their own work situation

Three Delivery Options

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is available in three different formats: instructor-led, blended and online in order to provide the flexibility that your organisation requires.

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders – ILT

Our two-day instructor-led Building Leaders course gives an in-depth understanding of the Situational Leadership® model and its applications.

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders – Blended

This combines two web-modules with a one day instructor–led workshop. Learners complete the Model Overview e-module as pre-work to gain a basic understanding of Situational Leadership®, while the classroom is used for active learning through application-based activities and interactive discussions.

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders – Online

This guides the learner through five interactive e-learning modules. To enhance the overall learning experience, each module has an optional Discussion Guide designed to generate dialogue to ensure learners pull through.

For each option, participants will receive:

• LEAD Self (paper or online)

• Upgrade to LEAD Other Online

• Participant Kit, comprised of the Participant Workbook and the Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders model pocket card and handout

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Public Course
  • Prices available on request

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