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Public Speaking

Course Overview

Public speaking differs from presentation skills in that the speaker is required to give a speech, or presentation on behalf of their organisation, outside of their organisation: to other companies, to the public, perhaps to the media, or maybe online. Often it is not their own work, but they are required to deliver someone else’s content and script.

The audience size is often substantially bigger than an in house presentation, and the speaker will almost certainly have to use a microphone, and be on a stage, in a substantial auditorium or room.

Unlike conventional presentations, rarely will the speaker have slides, and the skill set required to do it well, is somewhat different from conventional presenting.

Our GBS course is designed to equip you with the confidence to be able to handle substantial audiences, know how to project your voice through use of microphone, be able to maintain quality eye contact with your audience, and also remain true to the script that is being presented.

Please note, this course can be delivered as virtual instructor led training (VILT), face to face, or it can be delivered with a blend of both formats. We will customise the content and duration in line with your learning and development requirements.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Practise delivering clear and concise presentations to audiences so that the information they contain will be memorable
  • Adapt your delivery style to match your message and audience
  • Positively influence your audience
  • Structure information in a logical format
  • Understand the impact of visual aids and appropriate timings of such devices
  • Feel confident in use of technology and microphones
  • Be able to engage large audiences
  • Be able to maintain eye contact in a large arena
  • Be able to deliver a script, with minimal visual aids, and still maintain audience engagement
  • Develop a personal action plan

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Prices available on request
  • Virtual

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