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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Course Overview

Problem solving and decision making are essential skills within business and often are the most sought-after skill set when hiring new employees or when developing talent. The ability to make rational and logical decisions whilst using a creative problem-solving approach is also critical to business success and growth.

Our Problem Solving and Decision Making digitally delivered course is highly interactive and uses a video conferencing platform to engage participants in active discussion and participative learning. It is designed to help you understand the different problem-solving tools and techniques alongside innovative ways to unlock your creativity.

This course is ideal for those who are working remotely and are faced with business problems so that they can resolve them in a creative and innovative manner.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Be able to communicate digitally
  • Apply a variety of problem solving tools and techniques to actual business problems
  • Create and apply innovative and creative solutions
  • Solve problems using new found techniques

Course format options

  • Virtual

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