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Dealing with Difficult People Situations

Course Overview

It is important that organisations invest in solutions that develop the skills in their workforce to deal with difficult and challenging situations. How employees respond when in a confrontational situation impacts on morale, productivity and the organisations bottom line so it is important that staff are trained to handle these situations appropriately.

Our Dealing with Difficult People Situations programme is packed full of strategies to improve interpersonal communication. It allows participants to quickly assess the root cause of the difficult situation and why it has occurred, and determine why the person feels as though their basic needs have been unfulfilled. Participants on this programme will then learn powerful techniques to deescalate the situation in order to achieve a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Please note, this course can be delivered as virtual instructor led training (VILT), face to face, or it can be delivered with a blend of both formats. We will customise the content and duration in line with your learning and development requirements.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Understand how human needs may influence behaviour
  • Use communication skills to resolve conflict
  • Assert themselves appropriately
  • Reduce issues from escalating

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Virtual

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