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Managing Change

Course Overview

Change is an inevitable factor within any business so it is important that managers and leaders have the knowledge and skills to positively and appropriately manage change as others look to them for leadership.

Our Managing Change course is ideal for managers and leaders to adapt to change themselves so that they can lead their people through the transition process, and adopt better and more effective ways of working.

This digitally-delivered course is ideal for those working across remote locations and provides the knowledge needed to adapt to changes, and even take advantage of them. It will provide practical tools to make potentially difficult situations more manageable.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Understand how individual attitudes and perceptions affect people’s response to change digital means
  • Be able to utilise techniques to reduce resistance to change
  • Be able to create a virtual environment in which people welcome and respond positively to change
  • Understand how to involve everyone in the process and use effective motivation techniques
  • Manage others through change in a positive and meaningful way

Course format options

  • Virtual

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