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Employee engagement techniques to achieve and sustain

Course Overview

A recent study from Aon Hewitt (as reported on June 26th 2016 in the Guardian) revealed that among 250 International organisations, those that reported the highest levels of employee engagement demonstrated a 58% higher return for shareholders. With results like this, employee engagement seems to be the key to a successful company. However, a similar report by the Hay Group revealed that low employee engagement is costing the UK £340bn per year. As many as 8% of employees surveyed identified themselves as “completely demotivated” with another 24% identifying as “coasting. With nearly a quarter of UK employees feeling as though they are ‘coasting’ at work, how do managers create a workplace where staff actually want to work? Our GBS Employee Engagement is a highly facilitated session that has been designed to show your managers how to achieve and then sustain engagement within their team.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Clear understanding of what is meant by employee engagement
  • Explore the benefits of achieving it and considered the implications of not achieving
  • Consider some useful questions to ask and explore with the team
  • Learn some useful hints and tips to develop engagement
  • Develop a strategy to improve the level of engagement within own team
  • Develop a personal and team action plan

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Public Course

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