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Lean Practitioner

Course Overview

Over recent year’s businesses have come under increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Short-term actions often involve restructuring and reducing headcount resulting in additional pressures being put on the remaining employees to meet delivery times and quality requirements.

Often the root causes of poor efficiency lie in the processes themselves. Many have been stretched beyond their original design capability, others have become fragmented, unwieldy and complicated. Others are just no longer suited to the modern business environment where they are being used.

Lean is a globally recognised approach with its roots coming from Toyota in Japan. The approach looks at a process with fresh eyes to identify areas of waste which impact speed and quality. By evaluating and redesigning poorly performing processes outstanding increases in productivity can be achieved enabling businesses to do more with the same resources.

Lean uses a selection of robust, easy to use tools and techniques to bring about transformational change. What makes it even more powerful is how the entire workforce is empowered to bring about a coherent and sustained change not only in performance but in business culture.

The GBS Lean Practitioner course has been designed to equip management, shop floor and office based employees with the skills needed to bring about rapid transformational change. The 2 day syllabus is highly interactive enabling attendees to immediately apply what they have learnt on a simulated process.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Understanding the various forms of waste and how they impact process performance.
  • How to measure current process performance, identify and visualise inherent waste.
  • How to analyse and present current state data to stakeholders.
  • How to identify improvement opportunities, calculate potential business benefits and gain buy-in for proposed changes.
  • How to develop the future state process, implement proposed changes and measure improvement achieved.

Course format options

  • In House Course
  • Prices available on request

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